HART/Beat Newsletter - Issue 1 (June 2019)


Dear Friends of HART,

HART strives to engage and cohere creative communities since the very beginning of the year 2019 through launching a series of activities, aiming to discover more approaches to sustainable development of the industries, and to put these discoveries and approaches into actions. Experimental spirit is the key to realise such evolution. An example will be HART Haus, the studio where talents who make visual artworks that is not limited just to painters, and where creators of tangible works claim themselves taking the role more than an artist. Our team believes the power and tremendous positive energies generated by making creative souls to meet and interact, these encounters are not limited to practitioners who use different medium and media to demonstrate their creativity, but also to anyone who embrace art by visiting and observing, as guests who come to join us, enjoy and to learn from each other. Hopefully the mutual inspiration, understanding, continuous responses leading to more imagination to fuel creativity could be an endless cycle at HART.

The effectiveness and influence of our practices will be a matter of time, as we intend to learn humbly, starting with the organic interactions, leading to collaborations organized by HART, which is very encouraging.

HART hopes to have your continuous support, we welcome you to our upcoming events and offer us your suggestions!

Warm regards,
Jeannie Wu
Director, HART Collective

致 HART的好友:

2019 年始,HART 致力建立創意社群,舉辦的一連串活動,旨在開展專業人士與群眾思考永續創意工業的方法,並付諸行動。為此,其中一項十分重要的推進原素,是實驗精神。比方在 HART Haus,做視覺藝術的不止於畫家,而在這空間出現眼見到又觸摸得到的作品,其創造者又未必是(或不限於)藝術家的身份和角色。我們的團隊相信,以不同媒介發揮創意的人聚首,包括到訪的觀眾,會產生相當大的力量。互相啟發是一個層面,再踏進一步是讓他們繼續聯繫和觀察,汲收、了解、想像,然後回應,理想當然是無間斷的繼續這循環。


希望有你持續的參與和指教來支持 HART!

HART Collective 總監

Art Month Sharings - By HART Trainees | HART實習生——藝術月分享

In early March, HART team had three new faces joining us - Jasmine Leung, Fion Ng and Jason Sun. They are our trainees in arts administration, who just started their career in the sector after graduating from schools. Using fresh eyes to see the industry and all the phenomena in March, what are some of their observations and sharings after their first Art Month? These are also great sharings reminding us - practitioners who are a bit more experienced, to stay fresh and open-minded always as we move from stage to stage.

在三月初,HART團隊迎來了三個新面孔 —— Jasmine、Fion和Jason。他們剛從大學畢業,並以行政實習生的身份展開了藝術事業。以全新的眼光來看這個行業和三月的種種現象,在渡過他們的首個藝術月之後,三位實習生有什麼觀察和分享?這些美好的分享也提醒著我們 —— 稍微富多點經驗的行內人,如何持開放態度而不忘初心,走過一個又一個階段。

“Hong Kong Art Month brings world-class artists and galleries into town, introducing exceptional artworks for Hong Kongers and everyone was so excited about the two big events - Art Basel and Art Central. Surely it requires months and months of effort - having interned at HART during this period of time, I witnessed the amount of time and effort put into by HART artists into events hosted by HART including workshops and talks. On one hand, it was exciting to see so many happenings around town and it was a great chance to spread, share and educate; on the other hand, what I felt like what snatched most attention were works which audience found the most Instagrammable and social media friendly. While celebrating art in form of festivals and big exhibitions, day-to-day devotion and effort is equally important. Apart from showcasing the outcome, the art in the making and engagement is also worth paying attention to. Many a little makes a mickle, while the two big art fairs attract utmost attention, a vibrant art scene mostly relies on all the other organizations, audience’s participation in art events and a little more recognition and appreciation.”

「香港藝術月將世界各地頂尖的藝術家和畫廊帶到我們的城市,向香港人展示出色的藝術品,我們都為了兩大藝術展而興奮:巴塞爾藝術展和 Art Central。要籌備這些活動當然需要相當長的時間,在藝術月的同時於 HART 當 Trainee,我親身體驗和目睹了我們藝術行政人員和藝術家自己需要投放的準備時間,去安排各式各樣的活動,比如是工作坊和講座等等。我一方面為城中大大小小的藝術活動而興奮,覺得這是一個宣傳、分享和教育藝術的黃金機會;但另一方面最可惜的是,最得到公眾關注的,離不開在 Instagram 上好看的藝術品。於藝術月的大型展覽中好好宣揚藝術固然重要,但絕對不能忽略每天的付出。除了展示藝術成果,其過程和參與也值得我們注意。積少成多,當兩大藝術展搶奪全部注意,藝術圈的蓬勃發展非常有賴其他團體和我們的參與,還有多一點點的認同和欣賞。」

Jasmine Leung

“KAWS came to Hong Kong for its holiday last month. Everyone took selfies with this giant sculpture near Victoria harbor and of course uploaded them on Instagram. But I didn’t. I saw this companion every morning from the window of my office when I was having meetings with colleagues. The Hong Kong Art Month drove our HART team crazy. We were so busy with the art events during the art week and I seriously lacked sleep. Oh man, the companion was chilling at the harbor down there, I hate it so much. The artist KAWS wants metropolitans like us to focus on relaxation during such stressful time, lay on bed and look at the sky like the companion. Such a good idea! Unfortunately, I can’t do it right now.

Positively thinking: we have overcome lots of obstacles along the way and we almost got through the hardest time. Let’s get the job done and chill like KAWS.”

「KAWS 上個月來到香港渡假,許多人也慕名來到維多利亞港海旁和這個巨型雕塑自拍,當然還會上傳到 Instagram,但我沒有。 每天早上,當我和同事開會時,往窗外看,總看到 companion 安躺在維港上,非常悠閒。香港藝術月讓我們 HART 團隊變得瘋狂。 在藝術週期間,我們為藝術活動忙過不停,我睡得很少,但你看!那隻 companion 卻在那邊休息!太討厭了!藝術家 KAWS 希望都市人都可以學會放輕鬆,即使在如此緊張的時間裡也要找時間放鬆,躺在床上,像companion 一樣仰望天空。 我非常認同他的創作理念! 不幸的是,我現在做不到。

但往好處想:藝術月也接近尾聲了,快點把工作做好就可以像 KAWS 一樣放空。」

Fion Ng

“Hong Kong is embraced by strong arty atmosphere during the art month every year. With the two large-scale art fairs – Art Basel and Art Central, as well as other art events, art lovers and collectors are soaked in a wide range of artworks from the Asia and international markets. Nowadays, contemporary art is getting more and more popular in Hong Kong. Galleries and art organizations start to put effort in young-audience development. One of their strategies is to exhibit some works of established artists such as Kaws and Yayoi Kusama. This move indeed attracts a group of younger audiences. However, it is not difficult to spot that some of the audience only have a glance of the artworks, take a selfie and upload it to social media. They just want to show off how cultivated they are instead of experiencing art. Yet, it is a pity to leave the exhibition without knowing the background and concept of the works. Sometimes, the highlights of an exhibition are the reason for people to come, but there are still a lot for the audiences to discover. It is high time for us to nurture the next generation how to admire art.”

「香港每逢三月都會受濃濃的藝術氣氛包圍。有了兩個大規模的藝博會 – 巴塞爾藝術展和 Art Central,以及其他的藝術活動,藝術愛好者和收藏家可以沉醉於亞洲以及國際市場的藝術品當中。今時今日,當代藝術在香港越來越普及,一些畫廊和藝術團體已經開始投放資源去開拓年輕觀眾的市場。他們其中一個策略便是展出一些有名藝術家的作品,例如 Kaws 和草間彌生。這個舉動的而且確吸引了一群年輕觀眾,但是他們有一部分人只是以「到此一遊」及「打卡」的心態去欣賞展覽。他們的視線匆匆掠過藝術品後,便會把自拍照上傳到社交平台。這群年青觀眾想向朋輩展示他們是”文青”多於體驗藝術。然而,在未有深入了解展覽的背景和概念前離開,實屬可惜。雖然,有時候我們會因為一些重點展品而出席一個展覽活動,但其實一個展覽還有許多東西讓觀眾去發掘。或許現在是時候讓我們反思怎讓教育下一代去欣賞藝術。」

Jason Sun

Art Projects: HOCA and Jeongmoon Choi

HART Haus is a modern 'art house' envisioned in the spirit of enabling gesamkunstwerk, a place to create and manufacture artworks, celebrate hands-on craft and international cross-disciplinary dialogue in the arts, and provide space to actualise large-scale or site-specific artwork installations in Hong Kong.

The current arts workshop project is led by the Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation and Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi to build two site-specific immersive art environments. Over the course of several weeks, HOCA and the artist’s production and studio teams will build the two large-scale artworks, document and demonstrate the ever-changing light and thread environments as well as Jeongmoon’s design and building process, invite visitors to experience and test these new artwork installations in Hong Kong, and conduct arts workshop sessions to explain Jeongmoon’s threading technique.

PLEASE NOTE that entry into the arts workshop HART Haus to view artwork installations in-progress or demonstrations of these installations is strictly by invitation and registration and at the absolute discretion of HOCA and the artists at HART Haus.

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