Art Projects: HOCA and Jeongmoon Choi

HART Haus is a modern 'art house' envisioned in the spirit of enabling gesamkunstwerk, a place to create and manufacture artworks, celebrate hands-on craft and international cross-disciplinary dialogue in the arts, and provide space to actualise large-scale or site-specific artwork installations in Hong Kong.

The current arts workshop project is led by the Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation and Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi to build two site-specific immersive art environments. Over the course of several weeks, HOCA and the artist’s production and studio teams will build the two large-scale artworks, document and demonstrate the ever-changing light and thread environments as well as Jeongmoon’s design and building process, invite visitors to experience and test these new artwork installations in Hong Kong, and conduct arts workshop sessions to explain Jeongmoon’s threading technique.

PLEASE NOTE that entry into the arts workshop HART Haus to view artwork installations in-progress or demonstrations of these installations is strictly by invitation and registration and at the absolute discretion of HOCA and the artists at HART Haus.

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