HART/Beat Newsletter - Issue 1 (June 2019)


Dear Friends of HART,

HART strives to engage and cohere creative communities since the very beginning of the year 2019 through launching a series of activities, aiming to discover more approaches to sustainable development of the industries, and to put these discoveries and approaches into actions. Experimental spirit is the key to realise such evolution. An example will be HART Haus, the studio where talents who make visual artworks that is not limited just to painters, and where creators of tangible works claim themselves taking the role more than an artist. Our team believes the power and tremendous positive energies generated by making creative souls to meet and interact, these encounters are not limited to practitioners who use different medium and media to demonstrate their creativity, but also to anyone who embrace art by visiting and observing, as guests who come to join us, enjoy and to learn from each other. Hopefully the mutual inspiration, understanding, continuous responses leading to more imagination to fuel creativity could be an endless cycle at HART.

The effectiveness and influence of our practices will be a matter of time, as we intend to learn humbly, starting with the organic interactions, leading to collaborations organized by HART, which is very encouraging.

HART hopes to have your continuous support, we welcome you to our upcoming events and offer us your suggestions!

Warm regards,
Jeannie Wu
Director, HART Collective

致 HART的好友:

2019 年始,HART 致力建立創意社群,舉辦的一連串活動,旨在開展專業人士與群眾思考永續創意工業的方法,並付諸行動。為此,其中一項十分重要的推進原素,是實驗精神。比方在 HART Haus,做視覺藝術的不止於畫家,而在這空間出現眼見到又觸摸得到的作品,其創造者又未必是(或不限於)藝術家的身份和角色。我們的團隊相信,以不同媒介發揮創意的人聚首,包括到訪的觀眾,會產生相當大的力量。互相啟發是一個層面,再踏進一步是讓他們繼續聯繫和觀察,汲收、了解、想像,然後回應,理想當然是無間斷的繼續這循環。


希望有你持續的參與和指教來支持 HART!

HART Collective 總監