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Life is a Journey | 生命是一趟旅程

For his 25th exhibition: “LIFE IS A JOURNEY”, Antoine Rameau, a French artist calling Hong Kong his home for 8 years, has created a black ink painted collages series, that must be seen as a mural fresco.

Those 10 puzzle-pieces integrate strong Asian art influences: black Chinese ink painting, Japanese woodblock printing on paper (ukiyo-e) and the repeated circle shape, symbol of perfection (associated to the Moon or the Sun, the Ying and Yang…).

The cave-like stalagtites and stalagmites also refer to traditionally painted Chinese Yellow Mountains in Anhui province, that he loves.

Rameau sees today’s life as an epic underwater cave diving journey! From the day we are born to the last one, we all navigate in a long cavern-shaped tunnel and must avoid daily obstacles, up and down. Sometimes the path is broad and easy (happiness, joy, mindfulness…), sometimes it is very narrow and difficult (fear, sadness, phobia…). The key to a safe life journey is our own ability to be a careful and attentive pilot between those two extremes, highlighted by black and white colors and opposite papers textures, of the genuine, damaged and ripped 1930’s French “L’Illustration” magazines he used.

*This exhibition is a part of Le French May programme. For more details, please see Le French May website.

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Location: HART Haus, 3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

《生命是一趟旅程》是居港 8年的法藉藝術家 Antoine Rameau 的第二十五個展覽,為一連十幅包涵烏墨繪製的拼貼,必須要以看壁畫的角度觀賞。



Rameau 看待當今生活如走進無盡深淵洞穴的旅途。世世代代注定邁進漫長嚴峻的險途、人生高低處境。時有路寬開闊心廣,固有難過狹隘驚惶。要萬無一失,繫於我們以進可攻、退可守的能耐,小心翼翼專注啟航的面對極端境況:有如其作品黑白的對立與不同紙質的運用所示,其中更有藝術家撕下1930年代法國經典雜誌 L’Illustration 的碎屑。



地點: 堅尼地城士美菲路 12P 號祥興工業大廈 3 樓 HART Haus