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HART Hub#6 | Concrete Pour Workshop

Learn to mix and pour your own concrete form, and play around with pigments to add color and create patterns on the casted piece. The base formwork will be provided for you - generated using 3D printing. Together with other attendees, your unique creation will be pieced together to form a collective artwork to be displayed at Hart Haus during the SEPTEMBER SHOWCASE.

Date: September 17, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: HART Haus, 3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Class size: 12 pax

Free admission

About the Host

Geoff Chan has worked within the architectural field for over eight years, specializing in digital fabrication and computational modeling, with a strong commitment to design-to-production processes. In the digital age, the construction of the city is a critical view of craftsmanship and technology. Chan wants to explore the “Constraint” between human and robot. Challenging the varying relationship between the hand-made and digital-make, his works examine different scales of material deposition in space. Illustrating a range of media, specific themes, and meanings, his interest in new methodology leads to enduring works.

Joyce Chiang is a modern calligrapher and product designer based in Hong Kong. Educated in the discipline of architecture, she graduated with a Master of Architecture degree and is an AIA licensed architect. With a decade of architectural experience from her education to working experience, Chiang’s aesthetic is directly derived from her architectural work - with a modern, minimal and elegant approach. She also visualizes and translates designs in multiple mediums - from calligraphy pens and paintbrushes to working with laser-cutters and 3D printers.