Remark #1 

Entrepreneurial spirit means the talent has the ambition and determination to self-learnt/ equip - and successfully applied his/her - knowledge, skills and experiences in making the creative business/ enterprises work. ‘Working’, in this context of applying to HART as an Anchor Hausian, him or her has to have both the courage to fail (learn from trial and error) and the practicality in realising deliverables working with our corporate or with the partners/ collaborators that we introduced to the Hausian. Besides monetary return and benefits that we target, we also look for those who can contribute to the running of a sustainable ecosystem for the art and cultural industries, meaning that if the Hausian could work out high quality education or community outreach programme with HART, we may consider inviting such Hausian to join HART Haus Social Studio for free (i.e. rental completely waived) - because, we value independence, problem-solving skills and motivation highly, and these qualities are what an entrepreneur should have.

Remark #2