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An interactive installation which allows participants to physically create a distinct sound using multiple audio loops in an interactive soundscape.

“PLAYLOOP” is an interactive sound and light installation created using over one thousand light-emitting diodes and motion-activated sensors by mixed-media artist Natalie Wong. This latest project is Wong’s first large-scale installation work in Hong Kong.

The installation utilizes a variety of motion sensors and specifically designed speakers within twelve individual cylindrical structures. Putting the work into context, Wong states: “A lot of current sound art focuses on sound as an abstract concept. Contemporary work exploring sound in art tends to blur the distinction between sound, music and noise. Instead of focusing on the deconstruction of sound, I wanted to focus on the construction of sound. A lot of the music we listen to today uses audio loops as building blocks and I wanted to explore this idea and attempt to represent audio loops within an installation that can be motion-activated in real-time.”

The installation consists of twelve custom designed structures arranged in a circular formation. Each structure was inspired by the name commonly given to individual layers in music production - ‘stems’. Participants interact with “PLAYLOOP” by placing their hands over each stem, as they do so they activate and deactivate the audio loops and light transitions.

For the project, Wong was inspired by the visuals of American minimalist light artist, Dan Flavin. The audio loops used in the installation are influenced by the ambient sound references often used by electronic musicians such as Sam Shepherd (aka Floating Points). “PLAYLOOP” combines two multi-sensory artforms into one cohesive experience that encourages participants to engage and create their own audio and visual environment, thereby becoming co-creators with the artist themselves.

August 2019

Contact Information
IG @papersneaker

Natalie Wong

Consultants on this Project
Wouter Van Marle
Simon Kwan

‘The Making of PLAYLOOP’ Videographer
Mart Samiento

Southeastwood Crew

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