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Social Studio Showcase 匯舍展示

Location: HART Haus
Address: 3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road,
Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

March 三月
21st-28th March 廿一至廿八日

As a celebration of the creativity, synergy and connection shared by HART Haus artists at our Social Studio, you are cordially invited to our Social Studio Showcase in Hong Kong Art Month 2019.

今個藝術三月,HART Haus誠邀您來參加「匯舍展示」,一同見證匯舍藝術家的創意和社群聯繫。

Social Studio artists as follows (alphabetised by last name):
Hugo Belloy/Raphaële de Broissia/Pui Chee Chui徐沛之/Joyce Chiang/
Espen Cook/Jiaru Wu 吳佳儒/Daniel Kamp/ Charlotte Mörling/
Antoine Rameau/Shinichi Tashiro

Opening Reception開幕酒會
21st March 廿一日
Thursday 星期四
Time: 6pm-9:30pm

Make an appointment to visit the Social Studio Showcase and Opening Reception at HART Haus.

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