HART Hub#4 | Draw the Best Moment of Your Summer!

According to the 24 Solar Terms (二十四節氣) in Chinese culture, we are passing the day of ‘Great Heat’(大暑), i.e. the hottest day of the year. Join us to beat the heat, return to nature and strengthen your spirituality. Our host for this session - Hausian Max Cheng will guide participants to create their own artworks using green media - natural dyes and bamboo water-guns.

*Due to unstable and unforeseeable weather conditions, the event will be postponed and details will be announced in due course. Thank you for your understanding!

About the Host

Max Cheng creates art with the sense of smell, mostly using installation and mixed media as the medium. He emphasizes on the value of object itself and uncovers creativities in daily life. Cheng is also the founder of okapi studio, which brings redefinition of different materials via a series of interactive workshops and events.

根據中國傳統的二十四節氣,我們正值大暑 —— 一年最熱的日子。誠邀您與我們一起對抗炎夏,回歸自然,增進靈性。主持人HART Haus藝術家——Max鄭志堅將帶領參加者,以天然顏料和竹水槍等環保素材,創作屬於自己獨一無二的藝術品。



Max鄭志堅運用嗅覺創作,常以裝置藝術和混合媒體作為媒界。鄭氏強調物品本身價值,並在日常生活中發掘創意。同時他也是okapi studio始創人,希望透過一系列互動的工作坊和活動,重新為不同物料設立定義。

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