Hugo Belloy

Born in Paris, but with a spirit that belongs to Stromboli, Hugo Belloy combines strategic thinking, creative vision, thoughtful design and flawless execution to connect people and brands in interesting ways. He sees the world differently, identifying ways to make the known new, using unexpected touches and paying exceptional attention to detail. This is his magic: the ability to ind the essence of what makes a moment powerful, and amplify it to tell an authentic, compelling narrative.

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Raphaële de Broissia 

Born in Paris in 1985, Raphaële de Broissia studied both Textile Design at Françoise Conte school and Fine Arts at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Everyday materials, accumulation and metamorphosis are the key elements that influence her work. De Broissia boldly brings new poetic meanings to daily objects such as nails, books, newspapers, and even, orange peel. Since her arrival in Hong Kong, she has also been perfecting her signature technique based on latex balloons and masking tape, which is shown in many of her new works.

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Clement Chan

Clement Chan has always been fascinated by the beauty of the sublime, accidental and chaos. The unpredictability and spontaneity of working with highly abstract drawings and paintings is what he aims for. He always finds the practice of drawing freeing, informal, lively and honest in its directness and immediacy. When his new abstract works are combined with his poems, it generates chemical reactions in various experimental forms. He wants the viewers to experience lyrical, poetic, primitive and paradoxical pictograms which lead to open possibilities and aesthetic adventures.



Cindy Chan

Cindy is a film veteran with solid and diverse experience in international film institutions. She also started nurturing the next generation in films schools Hong Kong in these years. With her film knowledge, Cindy applied her concept and skills into artwork, creating a unique direction of Zentangle inspired arts and meditative oriented direction. She recently participated at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair in 2018 and 2019 consecutively. 


Geoff Chan

Geoff Chan has worked within the architectural field for over eight years, specializing in digital fabrication and computational modeling, with a strong commitment to design-to-production processes. In the digital age, the construction of the city is a critical view of craftsmanship and technology. Chan wants to explore the “Constraint” between human and robot. Challenging the varying relationship between the hand-made and digital-make, his works examine different scales of material deposition in space. Illustrating a range of media, specific themes, and meanings, his interest in new methodology leads to enduring works.

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Max Cheng

Max Cheng is a Visual Art graduate of the Hong Kong Baptist University. He creates art with the sense of smell, mostly using installation and mixed media as the medium. Cheng emphasizes on the value of object itself and uncovers creativities in daily life. He established okapi studio after graduation and collaborates with charities and different organisations to produce scent products, hold incense-making workshops, and organise local farm docent tours and exhibitions; through various activities, Max aims to promote the many faces of “incense culture” and the idea of “closing the loop” by making incense from natural ingredients and utilising incense ash as fertiliser.

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Un Cheng Yin Ngan

Un is a young artist graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts,Hong Kong Baptist University, and was awarded the special mention prize at the AVA BA Graduation Exhibition. She visualizes her observations in daily life and nature with oil painting, drawing and experimental photography. As a participant of the residency project in Iceland, she cherishes every travel as an inspiration of her artwork. 

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Joyce Chiang

Joyce Chiang is a modern calligrapher and product designer based in Hong Kong. Educated in the discipline of architecture, she graduated with a Master of Architecture degree and is an AIA licensed architect. With a decade of architectural experience from her education to working experience, Chiang’s aesthetic is directly derived from her architectural work - with a modern, minimal and elegant approach. She also visualizes and translates designs in multiple mediums - from calligraphy pens and paintbrushes to working with laser-cutters and 3D printers.

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Bouie Choi

After receiving her MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012, Bouie Choi worked closely with the community in the Blue House project as programme manager. Never stopping her pursuit as an independent artist, Choi is concerned with the traces of environment and social values left on the individuals. Her works play with absurdity from different contexts, finding them carriers and bringing new meanings - from texts, objects to 2-dimensional. Choi’s works have been exhibited in London and local prestigious art fairs like Art Basel Hong Kong and Fine Art Asia.

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Jaime Chong

Jaime Chong is born and raised in Hong Kong. He received his Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) in 2016. As a recent fine art graduate, Chong explores artist’s position in the contemporary society while working in different local art organizations. Using images and found objects as his major media, he is also highly interested in reaching out to groups of different people with various social backgrounds and exploring their life stories. His works focus on food culture, social class, and intimate relationships.

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Pui Chee Chui

Born in 1980, Dr Pui Chee Chui apprenticed under Mr. Jat See-yeu and Professor Wang Dong-ling. After obtaining his first degree at the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chui furthered his postgraduate studies at the Department of Chinese Calligraphy, China Academy of Art, where he obtained his Master of Arts and Doctoral Degrees in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Chui's artworks are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology of University of Oxford and are popular among private collectors.

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Espen Cook

Espen Cook is a visual artist, DJ and founder of music and culture initiative Club Kowloon. He currently works and lives between Norway and Hong Kong. From 2010-2012 he attended Kunstskolen i Bergen (KIB/Bergen School of Arts). Mainly focusing on painting, he also experiments with other mediums and materials, constantly gathering impressions and drawing inspiration from different people and cultures.

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Daniel Kamp

Daniel Kamp is a designer and artist with a practice spanning furniture, objects and interiors. His diverse projects are driven by a wide-reaching curiosity and anchored by a signature sculptural minimalism as well as an ongoing investigation of the relationship between nature and humanity. At just 27 years of age, Kamp’s work has received many awards, and is featured in important cultural publications all around the world. In 2017 American Express named him one of 10 young designers to watch from around the world.

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Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong is a mixed-media artist that uses a wide range of materials including: paper, LEDs, acrylic, recyclable plastics, fabric and electronics. Her creative practice focuses on the vivid and colourful exploration of popular culture with contemporary urban themes. She believes in making art that is both aesthetically and conceptually exciting, while accessible to the wider global audience. For each distinct series, the concepts and subject matter of each work are linked to the medium she uses. By engaging audience with a strong and coherent narrative through her artwork, she enjoys achieving a multi-way dialogue with the viewer, and further developing a discourse on the subject.

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Jiaru Wu

Wu Jiaru obtained her BA in Fine Arts and English Language from Tsinghua University in 2014, and her MFA from the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong in 2017. Wu experiments with imagined spaces and social norms in forms of installation, moving images, and printed edition. Her work is also in the OCT collection of Shenzhen.

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Angela Yuen

Angela Yuen graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. Angela Yuen’s art practise focuses on urban culture: she explores the correlation between urban development and city value via installation and photography. As the city develops, it alters people’s values and culture in each era. Though it is inevitable that values of people or city change as time goes by, she hopes to record and express what she has witnessed and adored via installation and photography. Her works have been shown in Hong Kong, Beijing and Australia, collected by Hotel Stage Hong Kong, IFC Isola and Niagara Gallery Australia and private collections. 

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