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Learning about Artist Collectives and Art Initiatives – Sharing

One of the founders of the Tainan-based CHT.Art Project, Bouie Choi, takes another role as a Hausian – an artist working at HART Haus the studio in Hong Kong. She is now currently residing at the CHT.Art Project space in Tainan, together with Stephanie Sin, another Hong Kong artist. Thanks to the two artists, who will be the ambassadors showing us the current status and developments of the artists-run space and the project, through live video conference call to make at HART Haus in this evening. We are very delighted to have the other key members of the initiative – Frank Tang, Alice Wong and Ling Pui Sze – coming to the studio to join HART to meet you, to share the vision and values of the Project, as well as their experiences working for this collaborative initiative. While Jeannie Wu, Director of HART Collective, shall respond and interact with all artists working for CHT.Art Project, on the challenges and benefits gained from the planning and implementation of art initiatives alike. Besides Bouie who will be engaging the sharing, other Hausians will join our conversation.

Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities face by CHT and HART the two artists-focused collectives. We welcome all artists, practitioners in creative industries and interested-parties in self-run/initiated projects to join.

Date: August 30, 2019 (Friday)
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: HART Haus, 3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Free admission

CHT.ART Project is an art-in-residence project initiated by Hong Kong art practitioners, which is an experimental program emphasizes in art collective and art community. Facing the extremely congested space and intense paces in Hong Kong, there lies the 3rd crucial element in life – a space to be idle in order to rest and relax – after ‘making a living’ and ‘producing creative works’. One of the founders of the Project visited Tainan and found it a city with rich historical background, favourable environment and good vibes that fit for art practitioners to work out the balance in life. Reaching out to connect with the Taiwanese artists who share the same vision to run an artist-led-&-run space, Tainan is all set for the collective as a starting point. We imagine all art practitioners who engage in the project can utilise the space for site-specific creation, to converse, interact, exchange, collaborate and to hibernate, rest, relax or idle.

After a six-months’ preparation, the Project officially started in October 2018, partnering with Zit-Dim Art Space, the Project aims to accelerate art exchanges among and between the two bases – Hong Kong and Tainan. We strongly believe in new imagination to open opportunities and possibilities needed for artist-run spaces, which is way more important than utilization of the physical space. The first exchange exhibition was being launched at Zit-Dim in January 2019, the residency of having Hong Kong artists to work at CHT.Art space commenced in May the same year.


《過海的》成員蔡鈺娟Bouie現為駐Hart Haus藝術工作者之一,剛好於8月與另一成員冼朗兒(Stephanie)一同在台南駐留,藉此機會透過現場直播,帶大家參觀一下這個自營空間。而在HART Haus香港現場亦會有《過海的》成員鄧啟耀(Frank)、Alice Wong、凌佩詩來分享藝術駐留計劃的理念以及合作經驗。HART Haus總監胡津如將會為大家介紹HART Haus理念,由策劃到執行的一些挑戰與得著。同時HART Haus藝術家也會出席交流,以第一身分享在不同空間創作的經驗。



《過海的》藝術駐留計劃,由一群香港藝術工作者所組成的藝術社群實驗項目。源於面對香港擠逼城市空間與緊湊/張生活節奏,在「生活」和「創作」中,尋找第三個重要的事情 — 一個「休息放空」的地方。2018年的4月,其中一位計劃發起人到訪台南-一個歷史由久的城市,遊覽後發現環境和氣氛多方面適合藝術工作者。加上認識了當地的藝術家,各人對藝術家自營空間都有相近的理念,因而以台南作為計劃起點。我們想像參與計劃的藝術工作者,可以在位於台南市的駐留空間進行在地創作、交流,休息放空。

計劃經過半年的前期準備,正式於2018年10月啟動,並聯合台南藝文空間《節點》為合作伙伴,促進兩地藝術交流外,充份使用空間之外,更重要是可以為全新的藝術家自營空間開拓不同的新想像 。2019年1月兩地成員在《節點》進行第一次交流展,而五月亦開始有香港藝術家駐留。


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