Eligibility and Selection Criteria


  1. Talents who are contributing, or about to enter, or exploring to work with talents belong to the creative industries in Hong Kong (definition of Cultural & Creative Industries [CCI] given by the HKSAR)

  2. Any individuals regarded as having potential, talent, and/or entrepreneurial spirit by HART team

  3. Talents currently living and based in Hong Kong - or frequently working in the city

Selection Criteria

Five core criteria for ALL Hausians (HART Haus Social Studio users): 

  1. Committed in creating and practising art OR engaged in creativity-/ innovation-related businesses, with a strong portfolio to demonstrate own calibre

  2. Demonstrate frequent use of studio space at HART Haus

  3. Demonstrate strong commitment to community building and activities at HART Haus

  4. Lead as examples and role models to excite, inspire and engage Hausians and members to make impactful collaboration and/or program

  5. Adhere to HART Haus House Rules regarding all studio use