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HART welcomes you to the first HART Hub session ever.

HART Hub are mixers organised by HART team and Hausians (HART Haus artists) to share on artistic practices and recent topics of interest, as well as to encourage conversations between practitioners in arts/creative industry and general public.

Each session focuses on different topics - and it can be in the format of a sharing session, an experience workshop, a panel discussion… or simply, there isn’t a need of format.

“I would like to share the importance for me to walk. To find inspiration of course, but also to discover or to rediscover a place thanks to art installation. In my opinion, art must be an experience. Literally walking through the idea of someone is simply magic.” - Raphaële de Broissia

French artist Raphaële de Broissia will be our host of the very first HART Hub session - ‘WALK’.
What does walking mean to you? For de Broissia, walking is more than a physical action, it is also mental and transcending - it is where her art begins.

Join us for a WALK, and let’s learn more about art as an experience.

Date: June 6, 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: HART Haus, 3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Fee*: HK$100 (Non Member) | Free (Member)
*With drinks and materials included
Language: English

About the Host

Born in Paris, Raphaële de Broissia has a strong background in Textile Design and Fine Arts. Everyday materials, accumulation and metamorphosis are the key elements that influence her work. De Broissia boldly brings new poetic meanings to daily objects such as nails, books, newspapers, and even, orange peel. Since her arrival in Hong Kong, she has also been perfecting her signature technique based on latex balloons and masking tape, which is shown in many of her new works.

HART Hub交流會#1 | WALK

HART歡迎你參加我們首次HART Hub交流會。

HART Hub是由HART團隊和Hausians(HART Haus藝術家)舉辦的交流會,希望藉此定期活動分享藝術實踐和近日的不同話題;並促進藝術及創意行業圈內圈外人士、以及普羅大眾間的交流與對話。

每次交流會我們將聚焦於不同主題 —— 活動型式包括分享會、體驗工作坊、座談⋯⋯

—— Raphaële de Broissia

我們首場HART Hub交流會 —— ‘WALK’ 將由法國藝術家Raphaële de Broissia主持。
於你而言,步行是甚麼?對de Brossia來說,步行不止是一個動作,它更牽涉精神層面上的超脫 ——


地點: 堅尼地城士美菲路 12P 號祥興工業大廈 3 樓 HART Haus
費用*:港幣100元(非會員) | 免費(會員)


生於巴黎,Raphaële de Broissia擁有紡織設計和美術的背景。日常物料、累積和脫變都是影響她作品的重要元素。De Broissia勇於賦予日常物品嶄新的詩意,例如鐵釘、書本、報紙,甚至橙皮。在來到香港之後,透過運用氣球和膠帶,她繼續鑽研屬於自己的代表性技術,此技術也被呈現在許多新作上。

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