"The 5 Courses" - Sharing as a Manager in the Arts Industry

These five courses offer participants general knowledge of the role, responsibilities and expectations of an Art Manager practising in Hong Kong. In the Manager’s daily operation, communications and connections made with all walks of life are both very challenging and exciting. As the profession requires exquisite attention to details, with the accumulating sensitivities to one’s surroundings, the Manager gains not only creative ways of problem-solving at work, but also the spirit and skills in exploring, discovering and even enjoying the difficulties encountered in the everyday lives. Having the talks and sharings arranged with five distinct focuses, in addition to the presentations on various case studies, we hope you will gain perspectives looking into the art industry, and bring insights to enjoy more of your current career (or, dive into the art administrative and managerial field).


30th November    Initiate Career Planning in the Arts
The Start is the Beginning of Progress - we will look into job applications, stories on interviews and screening tests in the arts industry - in particular that of HART’s. Never initiate career planning? No worries, we will offer you hints on how art administrators should be advantageous...

14th December    Dive in the field - Routines of an Art Admin 
What really do art administrators and art managers do? Let’s listen to their stories. Taking up the role may not be too hard, but acquiring an attitude to be a good bee that people look up to, especially in facing the challenges, it takes courage and REAL passion.

28th December    Perspectives - Values Exchanged in Emails and Art Projects 
Shall we dig-deep? Or start over? We have been sending out and receiving emails daily, but do we really look at it in an interesting way to learn more about ourselves and gain insights from human behaviours? Paying attention to details is the very essence of becoming a professional. We’ll explore beyond email comprehension and writings to learn from case studies in the art & cultural programmes and projects.

11th January        Always Prepared - Research, Archives and the Art Ecosystem
We share enough information, materials and resources in the previous sessions, please bring your problems, issues and interesting stories to share? (OK, we know Hongkongers are shy to respond or interact much in seminars… we will also feed you with more of our experiences, such as our views on the local Hong Kong art ecosystem and our progress on research, in particular that on studio archives implementation.)

18th January        Art Managers’ Habits to Leadership 
One of the Many Ways to Sum Up - Through presenting on how we evaluate the various programmes and activities organised/hosted by HART, we will share our vision on how a manager should properly be-in-charge, and stay on top and ahead of things.

Dates & Time

All Saturdays
November 2019: 30th
December 2019: 14th & 28th
January 2020: 11th & 18th 

10.30am - 12.30pm 

3/F, Cheung Hing Ind. Bldg., 12P Smithfield Rd., Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Course participation fee

* HKD 300/ course
* HKD 200/ course for full time students in Hong Kong
* HKD 1,000 for those who sign up for all 5 courses

Payments by bank transfer ONLY.

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