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周末共享經驗 #1 - 藝術、自主與治療

In a city like Hong Kong, the public’s impressions on and knowledge of art diverge wildly. We either go ‘Art? What?’ or throw around impressive but unhelpful terms like ‘Introduction to Art Therapy and Art Administration’. To be certain, the variety of art events in the city make us both excited and confused.

The thing is, even for experienced art administrators, this divergence remains unavoidable. One man's trash is another man's treasure — themes like creativity, art, culture and their by-products cater to radically different people. Content producers rejoice as they see different opinions, understandings and interpretations flourish.


What should we do when facing so many options? Are we adopting the right methodology? Do we even know what we want? Speakers of this sharing session, Sheeta Ng and Jeannie Wu, believe that this divergence of opinions can serve as a wake up call for the industry — because at the core of what it means to be a professional lays the responsibility to share our experience and to further people’s understanding of art.

What’s included in this sharing section:

※ Relax: dig into your creative potentials
※ Listen: learn how each of us thinks about art and sees the industry
※ Share: open our vast imagination and feelings towards art, discuss how art advances us spiritually, even by understanding the misunderstanding, and investigate the value of arts and creative industries

Date: 4 May, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM - 5PM
Venue: HART Haus
Speakers: Sheeta Ng (Founder of NSW Arts Company Limited),
Jeannie Wu (Director of HART)
Admission: Free of Charge*
*A deposit of HK$50 will be collected during registration, and will be returned on the event date. Deposit will not be refunded in case of no show on event date.
**The above activity will be conducted in Cantonese, English S.I. will be provided when necessary.






※ 先放輕鬆 - 各人本來的創意發掘
※ 然後傾聽 - 分享藝術這回事、這行業
※ 問號共享 - 大家都對藝術如何有靈性智性的提昇及康健治療有無限想像、感覺印象,甚乎誤解,我們試探討以明白創意文化藝術行業的價值

地點:HART Haus
講者:吳少慧 (NSW Arts Company Limited 創辦人),
胡津如 Jeannie WU (HART 總監)


Jeannie WU (Director of HART)
胡津如 (HART 總監)

Experienced Consultant with a Master of Arts focused in Literary & Cultural Studies from The University of Hong Kong, and a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Wu’s role as an art dealer at Vermillion Art Collections allowed Wu to gain insight in depth into contemporary art collecting and connect closely with artists, in particular helping renowned local artist ‘Frog King’ to organise his studio. She actively engaged in various large-scale projects as Project Officer at Hong Kong Arts Centre such as ‘Hong Kong Short Film: New Action Express’. Wu then further expanded and consolidated her network within the local art scene during her freelance work supporting the artist-run initiative Painting On and On. After 4 years of working as Personal Assistant to collector/consultant/curator William Zhao, Wu took up key positions at K11 Art Foundation as Cultural Manager and now, HART Collective as Director to lead within the art and cultural industry, break boundaries and connect creative talents within the network.

胡氏畢業於香港大學(The University of Hong Kong),獲取文學碩士學位。作為資深藝術顧問,胡氏擁有多年藝術行政管理和節目統籌的專業經驗。胡氏曾於 Vermillion Art Collections 擔當藝術代理人一職,從中建立對現代藝術收藏的獨特見解,更與藝術家緊密合作,例如替著名本地藝術家「蛙王」管理工作室。於香港藝術中心工作期間,胡氏以項目主任的身分積極參與了不少大型節目,包括〈香港短片新里程〉;亦在本地藝術家發起的〈繪畫大道中〉計劃中,以自由工作者身分管理項目,並繼續擴展本地藝術圈網絡。其後四年,胡氏更成為藝術收藏家/顧問/策展人 William Zhao 的私人助理,更擔任關鍵職位,如 K11 Art Foundation 藝術文化發展經理,現為 HART 總監,銳意致力推廣藝術文化,打破界線,以創意思維連繫藝術人才。

Sheeta NG (Founder of NSW Arts Company)
吳少慧 (NSW Arts Company 創辦人)

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sheeta has held senior arts administration positions in sizable organisations, such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tai Kwun, M+ Museum and the Hong Kong Arts Centre. She also has profound experience in music education. With a Postgraduate Diploma in Music Therapy from HKUSPACE, and the ABRSM Grade 8 certifications on Vocal and Piano, she teaches in primary schools and being vocal and choir teachers.

吳氏曾於香港中文大學、香港藝術中心和大館、M+ 博物館、光華新聞文化中心等大型機構,擔任節目部策劃工作。多年來參與策劃及統籌多項藝術教育及觀眾拓展活動。吳氏熱愛音樂,修讀了香港大學校外進修學院音樂治療證書、並持有英國皇家音樂學院八級聲樂和鋼琴證書,一直在音樂教育上堅持和抱有理想,曾於小學任教音樂,及擔任聲樂及合唱團導師。她又曾於唱片公司工作,具豐富市場推廣經驗。

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